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Research and development

Our R&D division focuses on monitoring evaluation using in house suite of ICT tools that among other functions perform data collection, management, visualisation and also modelling and predictive analytics. We use these skills to gather and analyse internal projects, the performances of SMEs we serve, and the effectiveness of our incubation programme.

Start-up services

• Feasibility studies, due diligence and evaluations
• Company licensing and registration, including obtaining all investment approvals
• Secretarial services
• Business plans
• Accounting services
• Financial advisory services
• Financial and cash management

Training services

• Structure mentorship programmes
• Business seminars
• Consultancy training programmes

Operational Services

• Corporate governance architecture
• Advisory services on management set up, control and monitoring, business processes and controls, ICT and other efficiency platforms.

Marketing Services

• Market identification
• Market analysis
• Designing distribution channels
• Planning promotional campaigns


• Compilation of Financial records
• Audit support
• Tax consultancy

Strategic Planning

• Put in place Strategic Plans
• Deal structuring
• Turnaround strategies


• Cash Flow Management
• Forecasting + Variance
• Resource Planning


• Staff Recruitment
• Payroll
• HR and Employment Policies
• Standard Operating Procedures

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