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Our Partners


Our success is anchored on our partners who bring a lot of value to what we do.


In 2012, KBA signed a strategic relationship agreement with the Government of Italy owned incubator -Sviluppo Basilicata, www.sviluppobasilicata.it. Under the relationship, KBA collaborates with SVIBAS to develop a relationship between Zimbabwe and Italian SMEs. Under the relationship, SVIBAS is the technical and strategic partner of KBA and also helps Zimbabwean SMEs in their internationalization efforts. Annually, KBA is supposed to take Zimbabwean SMEs to Italy so that they share ideas and business with their Italian counterparts.


Kukura Business Accelerator in 2015 became the first African member of the European Business Network (EBN). EBN is the leading network of quality-certified EU/BICS(Business and Innovation Centers)and other organizations that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs .start-ups and SMEs, EBN is also a community of Professionals whose day to day work helps these businesses to grow in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way. EBN is the leading innovation network in Europe and is at the crossroads of multiple experiences, practices, methods ,and people. For three years KBA was the exclusive Representative of EBN for the Sub –Saharan Africa region


KBA has a signed Agreement with the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development. Under this relationship, KBA performs a number of activities including the following:
• Formalization of Zim SMEs
• Training
• Mentorship
• Market activation
In 2020 KBA partnered Government of Zimbabwe on the promotion of the Zimbabwe National Gazelles project- the search of the countries high performing SMEs.


In 2019, we partnered with Zimbabwe’s leading bank, ZB to promote the highly rated Kids Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme (KEPP). The programme aims at promoting entrepreneurship among the 10 to 15 age group and ensure that they are totally financially literate. In 2020, ZB Bank became our lead sponsor for the Zimbabwe National Gazelles programme. Together we are promoting the nation’s high growth potential SMEs.


The Dubai based Aurega group is made up of various integrated companies that provide various professional services in UAE. Under the relationship, the Aurega group assists KBA with the trade facilitation in the GCC, especially the identification of GCC markets for African businesses


Maximpact has an agreement with KBA wherein Maximpact assist KBA in getting international markets for Zimbabwe companies that seek export markets. Maximpact is based in Monaco.

Africa Advisory

Faced often with seemingly deal breaking restrictions and limitations Africa Advisory has unlocked the door to solutions that never seemed possible based on 40 years of specialized experience Africa Advisory has rapidly gained the reputation as the in inter and intra African financing and business facilitation consultancy. A broad network of relationship holds the key to many doors across a wide range of sectors and a broad geographic area in Africa`s often complex, always enigmatic business and investment, KBA is a preferred Africa Advisory partner in Zimbabwe.