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This is our core business - offering incubation services as outlined on all the initial pages of this website

Zimbabwe National Gazelles


KBA partnered Mtiya Dynamics (South Africa) in bringing the Gazelles program to Zimbabwe . The Zimbabwe National Gazelles is an SME flagship programme aimed at identification of and accelerating high growth entrepreneurial SMEs selected from all the 10 Provinces. The Zimbabwean chapter follows the South African programme that has been run over the last 3 years and the programme managers bring the wealth of experience from the South African programme after the program had transformed many SMEs in South Africa since its launch in 2016. ZB bank is the main sponsor of the program in Zimbabwe. The ZNG is designed to mitigate the numerous challenges which hinders many businesses to take off, grow to their full potential and graduate to become the large enterprises of tomorrow. These challenges include lack of access to finance, markets, mentorship and other critical business development services. In choosing to embark on this journey, the Gazelles as represented by their owners commit to hard work within their respective enterprises. Each business in this programme has the potential to build world-class, competitive businesses, to create new sustainable employment opportunities, to innovate and to revitalise specific industries from the ground up. They will also receive the training and mentorship that this programme will deliver over the next 3 years. Each year will see a new group of National Gazelles selected to begin their journey on the programme, as the existing National Gazelles progress towards final graduation. Ultimately, the National Gazelles alumni will be able to play a mentorship role for their new counterparts, at the same time forming a national network of business owners On graduation, this cohort can expect to become mentors to succeeding Gazelles in the years to come


This programme aims at training and empowering the next generation (10-15 age group) with both entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. During the program, students are encouraged to come up with a business idea that they can start implementing immediately. The program culminates every year in December with an award ceremony were the Zimbabwe Kid Entrepreneur of the year is crowned.


The workshop is designed for Teens, aged 16 to 18 who are currently in High School. The objective is to spur entrepreneurship among members of this target group.


KBA have created a unique opportunity for the women of Zimbabwe to change the economy of Zimbabwe. We invite women to join our unique women entrepreneurship promotion program (WEPP) which is a program for women who want to start an income generating project or grow their existing business.


This programme targets the promotion of entrepreneurship among the 18 to 35 years age group. This is our core target. We offer full incubation services for this group. This group is mainly comprised of university students and graduates from tertiary institutions. KBA trains youths on entrepreneurship. Entreprenuership boot camp are hosted quarterly. Innovative ideas that have the most impact are funded once funded KBA continues to offer business support to the selected business ideas.

Tswanda Online Store

KBA created an online shop which markets and sells products from Zimbabwean SMEs. COVID-19 induced restrictions have negatively affected SMEs. Tswanda online platform facilitates trade during lockdowns. It also helps Zimbabwean SMEs tap into the Diaspora market.

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