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We take pride in the growth of our clients

These are some of the companies we assisted through the difficult start-up and growth by providing them with an array of targeted resources and services. Our ‘major role as an incubator is to do everything necessary for our clients’ business to succeed.

African Papermakers

African Papermakers is a Zimbabwean operation that was started in 2014 by entrepreneur, Nyasha Manyonda. What started as a hobby has now become a much loved small business. The paper makers and crafters are based in Harare, Zimbabwe with an international client base. As paper makers they make our own paper using factory fabric off cuts, waste paper and or plant fibres which they grind and blend into a pulp. They also incorporate store bought paper in their designs to maximize creative capabilities. Their paper crafts range from wedding invitations to table décor, paper flowers for the bride or home, albums, journals and more. They also sell handmade paper and paper beads for all the DIYers. We are very proud of our partner, who is changing the face of paper products in Zimbabwe.

Leather Processing

An Italian Leather processing company is looking for an Africa partner.

Bryca Greens

BRYCA GREENS (BRYCA) and KBA have established a business relationship. BRYCA is a supplier of vegetables to all the leading supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

Santinton Construction

Is a construction company owned by a young Zimbabwean. The company has decided to embarked on a regional expansion and has mandated KBA to achieve this objective.Santinton, because of the KBA relationship has now managed to have a footprint into South Africa. KBA is now providing full incubation services to Santinton SA.

Nzvimbo Village

NZVIMBO VILLAGE- we are proud to be partners with the residents of Nzvimbo Village. We will work with the authorities to ensure that there is job creation and industrialisation at the village.