KBA Signs Agreement With Italian Region

Kukura business accelerator signs agreement with Itallian Region
Above: Edward Meda (then KBA International Relations Partner), President of South Italy, Dr. Marcello Pittela and Mr Raffaele Ricciuti, the SviluppoBasilicata CEO
The signature tomorrow in the region. This is a pilot project that will be replicated in South Africa. Stampa facebook twitter google email AGR + the cooperation agreement between the Business Accelerator Kukura (accelerator of enterprises with head office in Harare in Zimbabwe) and development of Basilicata (in-house development company of the Basilicata region), which provides technical assistance and support from the Basilicata region development to the birth and development of the first Business Incubator in Zimbabwe, will be signed tomorrow, November 5, at the Basilicata region in the presence of President Marcello Pittella.
This is a pilot project that explains the development of Basilicata-will be repeated in the near South Africa, which has already expressed a strong interest in the establishment of incubators in its territory.
The initiative, which was established with the support of the Ministry of SMEs African State and the Italian Embassy in Zimbabwe is also strongly desired by Mr Pittella, since it provides for, inter alia, the creation of 2 subprojects in the field of cooperation between enterprises: one on tomato production and processing and the other on the production and processing of skins. Both projects could find the interest of companies active in the lucanian tomato to sink and padded furniture district of Matera.
It is being carried out, in that regard, the visit in Basilicata Edward Meda, head of the Kukura Business Accelerator, that besides working with development managers will visit a company of Basilicata lounge in Matera and Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre, two realities lucane a of industrial research of great interest for African managers.